What Lingerie Taught Me About Leadership

One of my most vivid learning on leadership has to do with lingerie.

The name is Daniel Franco. Once upon a time, he made lingerie.

It was an afternoon many years ago. I was at home switching between TV channels looking for something interesting to watch. This scene caught my eyes.

A girl (whom I found out her name was Chloe later on) was sobbing and she said between her chokes: “You are such a good person; and to me, it is more important than being a great designer”. I downloaded the episode – what happened before and after Chloe’s sobbing scene made my heart warm and my eyes teary, even after years.


Here are 6 of my favourite quotes from the video and why.

1) “I think lingerie is sexy and I think it is supposed to come off!”
Follow the leader with a wrong vision and he leads you to somewhere. Follow the leader without a vision, however, he leads you to nowhere.

Between somewhere and nowhere – I would risk the former over the latter because  at least you are moving forward.

A leader without a vision is like running a marathon without being in the track, you are not even in the race. A leader with a wrong vision is a marathon runner on a wrong track, you can adjust route eventually.

My friend’s father said, “A vision is a painting you see in your head; when and if everyone else sees it, it is no longer a vision”. It is fine your vision is not agreeable by everyone, but you must have one

A vision gives birth to a purpose and purpose creates passion.

I remember one day during a casual conversation, I asked my marketing director,“how do you know I am ready (for a bigger role)?”

He said,“You always have an opinion”.

If having a vision is too far-fetched for you, start by listening to your opinions.

You will find clues because an opinion is a dressed-down version of a vision. Read More

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