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 I hired her – why you should never great for good
Remember the anniversary – why people never mean what they say
Sessay’s life lesson – life lessons in a steakhouse in London
She had three months – What if your close friend calls and say she is going to die?
A deal from my boss – Do what is humanly possible.
Marketers, are you fake? My keynote speech at a marketing conference
The shape of your life? Our life is never in a constant shape.
Is your head in the sand? You are the story you tell yourself.
Shh, be a curious kid – my TEDx talk
The book we didn’t publish – we wanted to write a book called “my life lessons as an ABM”.
Forget New Year Resolution – Try this instead.
What did I tell the Kids? – My 3 simple tips to the kids I met in the universities
If Life Had A Manual, This Is Mine. – My Life-in-progress manual
Help it forward” – a fundraising project for Sabah
what if tomorrow never comes?  – Sabah had the first earthquake in 25 years and I was there.
10 ways to love without saying I love you – What my family taught me about love.
Of Skydiving and pancake – The world is a void. We make sense of it via our worldview. We make the world.
6 lessons lingerie taught me about leadership – How Daniel was a loser of a competition but a winner in life
6 lessons I learned on my way to the Everest base camp – My most shared article by far!
How To Get Back to Work After A Long Holiday? – First thing first, is something wrong?
5 lessons I learned in 2014 – My biggest lessons from 2014 was about “Fear”

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