About Me

Hi, I am Brandon.

I am a brand manager in Procter and Gamble by day and a life coach by night.

Let me tell you a story.

Today, as I write, is the first day of 2015 (yay, New year!). I reflected on “3 proudest moments in 2014?” – One of them, in fact, the first one that came into my mind without hesitation, was “my coaching moments” – The moments of joy when a client said “Aha! and their faces lit up”.

Then, I felt a little upset. Why? I could have created a lot more of the moments for myself and for people around me.

So in 2015, I say, let’s do it and start small. I started this blog with 3 intentions.

  1. To give;
  2. To learn;
  3. To connect

To give. The secret to living is giving. I am a blessed man who has been given a lot and I am grateful for it. Here on, I want to multiple the values I am bringing to the world – give.

A desire to give is a powerful intention. Why? Before we give, we need to have.  Everyone has something to give no matter who you are and how to do it. Giving shifts perspective.  It tunes our minds into a proactive, empowering, abundant state. It takes the attention of our mind from “What I do not have – what do I WANT?” to “What do I have – what can I give?”

To learn. The more I want to give, the more I need to have; and thus the more I need to learn. This blog is my learning journey as I sharpen my knowledge about that deep raw human desire that makes us humans.

To connect. It is not hard to guess why The Human of New York resonates so well with us – it tells powerful stories which are otherwise unheard. Everyone has their own stories and everybody loves story. A story is powerful because it connects and inspires us. We are our stories.

Here, I look forward to meeting new friends and listen to our stories. As we craft the future of our stories, I wish, and I would call this journey a success when I am one of the tiny stepping stones to make our stories become more beautiful, authentic, and worthwhile.

Email me at im[@]coachbrandonlim.com.

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