I hired her

“I am in a BIG dilemma,” my ex-intern asked me for help.

“I am waiting for my dream company, P&G to confirm my job offer but I don’t know if it will ever happen. On the other hand, I MUST reply to the other pending job offers soon,” she said.

I work for P&G.

“WHAT IF I ended up getting neither of them? ” referring to being rejected by P&G after she rejected the other pending offers.

“From a scale of 1-10, how would you rate P&G and the other offers?” I asked.

“P&G is 10 and the rest…are 2s,” she said.

She had made up her mind; she just did not know yet.

“Look! Life is not black and white. Between 2 to 10, there are plenty of options, no? ” I said.

“Such as?” she asked.

“How about becoming a full-time daughter for just 3 months?” I asked.

A long pause.

“I’d rate that a 9. My mom is getting lonelier,” she said.

“If you can take action on a 9 while expecting the 10, why settle for a 2?” I asked.

Sometimes, you have to give up good for great.

She rejected the other jobs offers.

She adopted a dog instead.

I hired her, Shanna, two weeks later.

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