The book we didn’t publish

A few years ago, when Pamela and I were young assistant brand managers (ABM), we wanted to write a book called “my life lessons as an ABM”.

Eventually, I got promoted to a brand manager; she left P&G to start up the Facebook office in the Philippines.

The book did not happen but we kept in touch.

Last night, I dug up the draft – it was last edited in 2013 (TIME FLIES!)

It is an incomplete raw list, but here goes.

About the job

  1. Rule #1: Get shit done
  2. Rule #2: Don’t forget rule #1
  3. You will feel stupid occasionally. It is OK, which means you are growing.
  4. Knowledge leadership is power
  5. But, knowledge without action is rubbish. Be bias for action

About doing the job

  1. 80/20 is good enough
  2. Multitasking is counterproductive
  3. Deliver more than what you are expected
  4. Big decisions are usually made before the meeting
  5. Take responsibility for your failure too; Don’t be a pussy

About the office 

  1. People will gossip, try not to play along
  2. People will judge you, live with it
  3. Make genuine friends
  4. Stay close to the team admin. They know a lot
  5. Keep grace under pressure. Maturity matters

About influencing

  1. Be likable. People don’t help those they hate
  2. Be genuine. People knows when you are faking no matter how good you are
  3. Think and articulate concisely. If you can’t influence, it is your fault
  4. Build self-awareness. Drop the ego
  5. EQ will be more powerful than IQ eventually

About the bosses

  1. Bosses are just like us but older (they pee in their pants too)
  2. Good bosses are sponge, they absorb the pressure from their bosses
  3. Some bosses are vampires – they suck you dry.
  4. Bosses hate surprises (well, the only surprise you should give is birthday surprise!)
  5. Always choose a good boss over a good role

About work life balance

  1. It doesn’t exist. Work is part of life
  2. Have hobbies and friends outside of work
  3. It is OK to have lunch alone
  4. Call your parents. They worry about you but they won’t tell you
  5. Work will not attend your funeral. Your family and friends will

About money

  1. Salary is a drug – it is addictive
  2. So, live below your mean
  3. Learn to invest. Salary won’t make you financially free
  4. Money can buy you many things
  5. But money can’t buy you purpose in life. You must look inside of yourself to know what makes your life meaningful.


P.s: Pamela replied me and here’s what she has to say.

Wow. time flies!  I almost forgot about this! Thanks for reminding. Good old times 🙂

Here are just a few of the best I learned while working at Facebook for one year:

  1. It’s unrealistic to be awesome every day. Strive to find your operating rhythm. Some days you will work for 14 hours, others you will work for 4 hours. This is okay.
  2. Oftentimes, done is better than perfect – act now, ask for forgiveness later. That’s better than not having anything to write at the next monthly sales update.
  3. In one year, people will not remember what you said, or what you did, or what your revenue attainment was. But they will always remember the way you made them feel.

Always, Pam

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